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      Orientique specialises in natural fabrics. Our “plant to garment” philosophy means that the cotton, linen and rayon used in all our garments has been carefully selected from some of the worlds finest mills and woven specifically for the Orientique production. Orientique proudly displays all natural garments with the distinctive “Orientique naturally Australian” tag.

      With more than 600 stockists around the country and 2000 around the world, the Orientique team have their feet firmly planted in Australia. The Orientique Label continues to grow strongly in a tougher market with customer growth every year in Australia supported by growth in New Zealand, US, Canada, UK and Europe.

      The Orientique design team works closely with artisans throughout Europe to create the mix of beautiful prints in each collection. Creative teams in Milan, Como, Paris and London are the primary source for each seasons’ fashion direction.

      This combination of exquisite print and Orientique shape makes every Orientique garment something unique.